AmCapital records growth exceeding 10% in 2010


AMCAPITAL (B) Sdn Bhd experienced a growth of more than 10 per cent in their portfolio at the end of last year, and they are expecting further growth this year to create more brand awareness locally.

"Let's just say that we managed to grow our portfolio by more than 10 per cent but we cannot elaborate more and definitely will be increasing our public awareness a bit more," said Azlan Mike Skinner, country manager of AmCapital (B). He explained that one of the things on the agenda for this year, that the company is looking forward to, has to do with the Brunei Monetary Authority (AMBD).

"If our AMBD works the way other country's AMBD works, with a central credit bureau and so on, the banks in Brunei will definitely have a better year," he said, explaining that other banks would definitely have more confidence in doing business in Brunei.

"With the confidence that the banks have and the business that we would get, we are hoping that we will be able to support the regional investments that the banks have and also their investments in Brunei," he added.

The main customer segment that AmCapital (B) is focusing on is mainly made up of corporate clients, and the country manager added that the asset and fund managing firm in Brunei is expecting to launch a wider range of products in the local market.

"We cannot go too much into detail, but let's just say that the AmBank Group has already launched these products in the past six to eight months," he said.

Asked about whether the firm will be targeting the retail side of the business, Azlan said that they will maintain their corporate focus. In terms of creating more of an awareness, Azlan said that AmCapital (B) will continue to be the sponsors of annual events, such as the upcoming Malaysian Association Chinese New Year dinner, which they sponsor every year.

He added that there may be more corporate sponsorship that the firm will possibly take on, and that will be part of the strategy to increase awareness.

Azlan revealed that one of the plans to increase their corporate brand awareness also includes the organisation of an upcoming conference. "If everything goes well, the conference will be coming up in the middle of this year," he added.

AmCapital (B) Sdn Bhd is a locally incorporated company which is licensed by the Brunei International Financial Centre (BIFC), and the firm will also be planning on expanding their workforce, where "hopefully by March", there will be a rise in recruitment, said Azlan.

The AmBank Group was established in Malaysia in 1975 and commenced its operations in 1976 as a merchant bank.

They have grown into a large financial player offering a wide range of services and financial expertise.

The Group provides a wide range of investment banking products, commercial banking, retail financing and related financial services, which also include Islamic banking, underwriting of general and life insurance, stock, share and future broking, investment advisory as well as asset, property and unit trust management.

The group's investment banking arm, AmInvestment Bank Group, is one of Malaysia's leading investment banking groups, providing a full range of investment banking and related services.

It arranged a total value of US$1.136 billion Sukuk, with a total of 17 issues, garnering 8.5 per cent of the global market; recognised by the Edge-Lipper Malaysia Fund Awards 2009 as the Best Bond Group, Best Ringgit Bond Fund and Best Ringgit Bond Islamic Fund; was awarded as Best Equity House in the Finance Asia Country Awards.The Brunei Times
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